Independent Filmmaker

Tama Productions is first and foremost an independent film production company and thus we strive to produce our own films that we screen in festivals and release digitally. To date we have a healthy catalogue of homegrown film including our most successful production, Samm (2014).

Samm (2014) is a short documentary about a girls last two months of being alive and was written and directed by Tama founder Christian Tama Roberts. The film was premiered at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square and has gone on to win awards nationally as well as be screened in festivals around the world.

We continue to write/produce content and aim to create as many self funded films as possible. We are always open to hearing from writers, directors or anyone with a great story or idea. Collaboration is a fundamental part of film-making and we want to make amazing films.

As an independent filmmaker Tama Productions prize the unique nature of our work and wish to showcase our films so that others may share in some striking experiences. We are happy to act as writer, producer and director where necessary so please do not hesitate to contact us for a chat to discuss how we can help and bring your project to life. Budgets are clearly important and we can help you maximise yours if this is an issue.

Sometimes ideas have to be given structure and molded into a format that will work on the screen. We can help formulate rough ideas into compelling experiences. We have all of our films to date on the film page, so please take a look at the type of things we make. If you would like to know more or discuss your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.