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Xylophone is a film about my friend Christopher Beaumont, a xylophonist who despite having Asperger’s has forged a life and career that was established through his unlikely friendship with legendary Sir Patrick Moore.


Nothing Wasted

Nothing Wasted is the story of Bruce Battersby an eccentric old man who throws nothing away; he collects builds and reuses all manner of objects that he stores in and outside of his house. Not to be mistaken for a hoarder, Bruce actually has a very practical relationship with his objects. He doesn’t romanticise about […]



A short documentary following Samm Brookes a girl who is told she only had two months left to live. Her counsellor encouraged her to make a film if only to keep her preoccupied. With help from her brother Joe this film chronicles her time left on earth, her attempts to live and the struggles of […]

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A short autobiographical essay film about my fear of death.


Luke Spiller

A short film made for The Struts UK PR Agent that tries to delve into the mind of the charismatic Luke Spiller, frontman of The Struts. Official Selection Indieburgh Film Festival 2014 – Scotland Official Selection The Rendezvous Festival 2015 – Florida, USA Official Selection Frederick Music and Film festival 2015 – Maryland, USA

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Witnessing Publics

A brief look at how changing technology has turned us all into war journalists.


The Hive Gym Promo

The Hive is a fitness community built around personality, innovation and a tailored approach to health. They create an all-inclusive atmosphere for their members, everyone is welcome and everyone is valued. Our video to promote The Hive’s launch aimed to capture the community centred, trend-setting and high energy fitness hub.


The Carnabys – Hate To Say I Told You So/Song 2 (Live at KOKO)

A live music video created for The Carnabys from their incredible headline show at at KOKO in Camden September 2015. Download their Debut Album “No Money on The Moon” now on iTunes:…

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Isle of Wight Festival 2015 Reunion Gig Promo Vid

The Isle of Wight Festival has teamed up for the second year with Variety, the Children’s Charity to host a brilliant night of music at Koko, London. Tama Productions again covers the event and this is a little preview of whats in store.

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I Love A Bit Of Variety Party

A film made to showcase Variety the children’s charity’s ‘I Love A Bit of Variety’ T-shirt Campaign party. The party was to celebrate the launch of their new line of t’shirts which will raise funds to support thousands of sick, disabled and disadvantaged children across the UK who are supported by Variety.

One Night in Camden

A short music documentary made in collaboration with Variety the Children’s charity and the Isle Of Wight festival. This film documents the festivals reunion gig at London KOKO in aid of Variety.


Boxchilli – Google Penalty Recovery

A bit of content marketing created for Boxchilli which will help you if you have fallen foul of Google’s stringent guidelines resulting in an algorithmic or manual penalty. It takes you through how to recover your old rankings and move forward using positive techniques, very helpful indeed!


Minimaster – Wind in the Willows

A short film made for Ticketmaster and their brand Minimasters. The short see’s Lillie & Maisy interview Wind in the Willows Narrator and all round nice guy Alan Titchmarsch.


MOHIT – Weeping Beech

Official video for MOHIT’s Weeping Beech from their second EP Change Of Figure. A Christian Tama Roberts film in association with Tama Productions that tries to represent the smooth liquid feel of the MOHIT’s music.



A short documentary about the deeper meaning of tattoos, fighting against the taboo that surrounds them and discovering the stories behind them.


Home Sweet Home

A horror short created to try and get into the mind of the zombie, sound is used to try and explore the possibilities of creating human connections with an entity that isn’t living.